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Maysam Nahas ميسم نحاس 
A known Lebanese singer. started in late 1990s.
May Ezz Eddeen مي عز الدين 
A known young Egyptian actress. Very active in the egyptian cinema lately. A real beauty.
Mohamed Hamaki محمد حماقي 
Egyptian singer. his first album 'Khaleena Ne'eesh' in 2003, he released the single "yana yanta" in 2005 and it was a big hit.
Maria ماريا 
Lebanese sexy singer and actress also called Maria Nalbandian. Her first album released in 2005 titled "elaab - play".
In January 2007 she made a new one "w rege'at tani".

Melissa ميليسا 
Lebanese singer, her first music album released in 2006 in the title "Baddy Minnak".
May Hariri مي حريري 
A known Lebanese singer, "melhem barakat" and "simon asmar" supported her in the beginning. She released her first album in 2004 titled "amma alaik kalam".
Maha Mohamed مها محمد 
TV presenter from Kuwait.
Marwa مروى 
A famous Lebanese pop singer and actress.
Mustafa Amar مصطفى قمر 
From egypt, a well known singer and actor,His first song was "Wala Yabo Khad Gameel", released on a collective album with other talented singers, and in 1991 he released his first album, Wassaf.
Melhem Barakat ملحم بركات 
A famous Lebanese musician and singer.
mohamed mounir محمد منير 
A popular Egyptian singer and actor started his music career in the 1970's, known for his Nubian style of music.
Madeleine Matar مادلين مطر 
A known Lebanese singer, The beginning of her career was the Program "kass el nojom" in 1998.
In 2001 she singed a contract with Rotana company and produced her first album "Raydah".

Maya nasri مايا نصري 
A Lebanese singer, she did modeling, TV Commercials, and acted in TV series, cinema, and theater. Her first album was "Akhbarak A" in 2001.
Myriam Faris ميريام فارس 
Talented singer and dancer, A young artist from south Lebanon, first album "myriam", Her music video for the hit song "Ana Wel Shok" was a big hit in 2004 summer.
Muntaha ALramahi منتهى الرمحي 
TV presenter at the Alarabiya news network. Worked initially in the Jordanian TV in the 1990s.
Maysoon Azam ميسون عزام 
Palestinian TV Presenter in alarabiya channel.
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