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Dana دانا 
A Lebanese singer. She made several music albums in the last several years. Great performer and actor, i think.
Diana Karazon ديانا كرزون 
Jordanian singer, born in Kuwait 1983. she won the title of Arab superstar (Arab Idol) in 2003, released her first album in 2005 titled "el'omor mashi". Nice talent from Jordan, and quite successful.
Dominique Horani دومينيك حوراني 
A Lebanese singer and model, also Hourani was elected miss Intercontinental in year 2003, released her first music album "atris" in 2006. She acted in Egyptian movies as well.
Darine Hadshiti دارين حدشيتي 
A known young Lebanese singer. Darine Hadchiti was born in 1981 to a family that loves art, she sang before the jury of the "2001-2002 Studio El Fann" and won a bronze medal, started her Pro musical career in 2005 with the album "Edam Elkil". Has good looking eyes.
Diana Haddad ديانا حداد 
Diana was 16 when she met the Emeriti TV director Suhail Al-Abdool. They got married in 1995. Suhail is involved in Diana's musical career and has directed most of her video clips. Diana & Suhail have one daughter, Sofy. She was born in July 1996, the same year Diana Haddad released her first album, "Saken".
Dina Hayek دينا حايك 
Lebanese singer, Dina started her career in year 1999, in many concerts performed with Artists like "Kazim Al Saher" and "George Wassouf". released her first Album in Jan, 2003 "Sehr El Gharam". According to some, she have the strongest voice of her generation.
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