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Samira Ezgheder سميرة ازغيدر 
Moroccan TV presenter at Alarabiya news channel. She is good looking, regardless of the obvious Plastic Surgery stuff.
Siba Oudy صبا عودة 
A Lebanese presenter at Alarabiya tv. A beautiful lady with nice smile.
Suzan Tamim سوزان تميم 
A Lebanese singer.
Sherine Wagdy شيرين وجدي 
A known Egyptian singer and actress, Her music career started 17 years ago with the release of her first album "Al-Nos Al-Helw". She also acted in the famous Egyption TV series "Bawabit El Halawany". the recent album "Law Benna A" in 2002 was the coming back for her.
Sandra Yousef ساندرا يوسف 
Lebanese singer, born in south lebanon 1985, she participated in the musical program "studio el fan" in 2001, and won a silver prize, in 2005 she released her first album "Bi Ahsan Hal".
Solaf Fawakherji سلاف فواخرجي 
A Popular Syrian actress, she has a collage degree in archaeology from Damascus University. She is probably the most beautiful actress in the Arab world, at least according to her fans.
Samira Saed سميرة سعيد 
From morocco, a popular singer in the Middle East started her professional music career in early 1980's.
Samar Abd Alaziz سمر عبد العزيز 
A Syrian singer and actress, born in Aleppo, she has a degree in law, released the album "ahlami".
Sherine Abdelwahab شيرين عبدالوهاب 
a known young egyptian singer and actor, started with album "Tamer wa Sherine" in 2002.
Shams شمس 
A known singer in Kuwait and the Gulf region. Her first album was in 2001, named "Habib Elward" .
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