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Luna Elshebel لونه الشبل 
Born in Syria 1975. A TV news and programs presenter. worked in the beginning at the Syrian TV,then moved to aljazeera network.
Lina Zahr Eldin لينا زهر الدين 
Born in 1975 Lebanon. TV presenter.
Laura Khalil لورا خليل 
A known Lebanese singer. She was born in Lebanon in 29th of September 1976. Laura has three albums and had signed recently her contract with Rotana "music production company".
Latifa لطيفة 
Tunisian pop superstar singer,started in 1980's. Latifa has more than ten albums including various styles and different Arabic dialects. she also received several international Awards.
Laila El Shekhly ليلى الشيخلي 
Iraqi TV presenter. Currently working in aljazeera network.
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