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Arwa أروى 
A Yemeni singer.
Aline Khalaf الين خلف 
A famous Lebanese singer.
Assi El Hellani عاصي الحلاني 
A known Lebanese singer started in the early 1990's.
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Amr Diab عمرو دياب 
a very populer egyptian singer, His first album "Ya Tareeq" released in 1986. received the Worldwide Music Award in Monaco 1998 for the big success of "Nour El Ain" album.
Amal Hijazi أمل حجازي 
known lebanese singer in the middle east, started her musical career in 2001.
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Angham انغام 
a famous egyptian singer, started music career in 1989 with album "fi elrokn elbaeed elhadi".
Asala أصالة 
A famous syrian singer, an icon in arabic music today, the beginning was in 1993 with album "Law terafo" with a big success.
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