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Carees Bashar كاريس بشار 
A Syrian actress. Some people say she is the most beautiful Syrian woman, this is understandable for me.
Clemance Ashqar كليمانس أشقر 
A Lebanese top model, she won the "Miss Lebanon 1998" title. She is definitely Miss Lebanon of all time, in my humble opinion.
Carole Samaha كارول سماحة 
Lebanese singer and actress. Took her master degree in Acting & Directing in 1999, started acting in TV series, first official music album released in 2003 called "Helm". She is a great dancer as well.
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Cyrine Abdel Nour سيرين عبد النور 
A Lebanese model, singer, and actress. born in Beirut 1977, started her modeling career in 1992, started acting in 1998 in a TV series,model of the world 2002, made her first music album in 2004 "lila min elayaly".
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