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Nadine Eghnatios نادين اغناطيوس 
Lebanese TV presenter, works in Rotana TV channel.
Nesrin Tafish نسرين طافش 
Palestinian actress,  born in Aleppo Syria, she has a degree in theater arts from Damascus. Mostly known  in Syrian TV series and drama. 
Norhan نورهان 
Lebanese singer, first album for her was "shaklo keef" in 2003.
Nelly Makdessy نيللي مقدسي 
A known Lebanese singer.After her success in the tv program “Kaass El Noujoum”, she published three albums in three years, the first was “Shouf el Ein”, her second “Ahli Arab” and third album “Ana Eh”.
Najwa Karam نجوى كرم 
A top popular Lebanese singer, started in 1989 in the album "ya habaieb", nicknamed "sun of the Arabic music!"
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Nancy Ajram نانسي عجرم 
A popular Lebanese singer in Middle East, at the age 12, she participated in a TV program called “Nojom Al Mostakbal”, and she won a golden medal for Tarab category. Nancy launched her first album “ Mehtagalak” in 1998.
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Nasayem نسايم 
A singer from United Arab Emirates, her first album took 5 years to produce, in the name of "Ya Wail Galbi" in 2004, arabic:نسايم.
Nawal Al Zoghbi نوال الزغبي 
A famous Lebanese singer throughout the Middle East, her career started in 1992 with album "wahyati Andak".
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Nadine Labaki نادين لبكي 
A Lebanese director, and actor, she had international awards for the first short film she directed named "11 pastier street".
Nora Rahal نورا رحال 
popular Lebanese singer for a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother, active in the music field since 1999.
Najwa Sultan نجوى سلطان 
Lebanese singer.
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